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Which Program Is Right For Your Organization?

Christopher Bauer’s programs aren’t a review of the ethics code, case studies, or case law! Instead, each is a unique program - based on Dr. Bauer's training in clinical, cognitive, and organizational psychology - designed to help assure that attendees are able to do their part to greatly reduce the risk of ethics and compliance problems in the workplace.

Christopher Bauer's most requested programs are...


Recognizing Often-Overlooked Red Flags for Ethics Risk (60 – 100 minutes)

Available in person or as a live, virtual program.


A stunning number of significant ‘red flags’ for ethics risk are actually hiding in plain sight. Let your audience recognize and respond to them more quickly and easily! This program will help audiences:


  • Re-think how they think about ethics and ethics risk in ways that will allow them to identify and, therefore, respond to risks in the workplace both significantly more quickly and easily.

  • Understand the four areas essential to creating a culture that drive ethics, compliance, and accountability.

  • Greatly improve their ability to recognize a range of red flags for ethics risks in the workplace that are all-too-frequently overlooked or ignored because their significance so often goes unrecognized by employees.

  • Prevent and reduce more ethics and compliance problems on the job than ever before.


Versions of this program are appropriate for employees from the front lines all the way up through senior management, the C-Suite, and Boards of Directors.

“Chris’ ideas … were practical and thought-provoking, and he made his points with humor, authority and great energy. Our …leaders came away with substantive ideas on how to prevent ethics issues from becoming a problem in the workplace. His humor and substance are able to turn a potentially dull subject into a great learning experience.”

Pamela Green – Director of Member Services

Maine Bankers Association


Professional Ethics: A Preventive Maintenance Approach (60 – 100 minutes)

Available in person or as a live, virtual program.


Wouldn’t you rather prevent ethics problems instead of paying the steep legal, financial, and reputational costs that ethics problems bring? This program will help audiences:


  • Analyze where and how their existing ethics training may require changes, whether minimal or significant.

  • Articulate the financial and strategic value of effective ethics training.

  • Understand the four areas requiring the greatest personal and organizational focus if ethics problems on the job are to be greatly reduced.

  • Create a basic work plan for improved ethics training in their department, division, or entire organization.


Versions of this program are appropriate for employees from middle management up through senior management, the C-Suite, and Boards of Directors.

“You have no idea how difficult it is to find speakers who are simultaneously as relevant to our profession and as entertaining. You more than met both criteria! Attendees were asking to have you back even before the conference ended.”

Kristen Beach – President

Kentucky Rehabilitation Association




Creating a Culture That Drives Ethics, Compliance, and Accountability (Length determined by program objectives)

This program can be 3 –12 hours depending on your specific objectives and is highly customized to assure that your objectives are reached. It is available in-person or as a live, virtual program however doing this work in-person is highly recommended if possible.


Ultimately, better ethics requires the creation and maintenance of a culture that supports ethical practices. That same culture also supports compliance and accountability so wouldn’t it be great to improve all three in the same stroke? This program will help attendees:


  • Understand and articulate how to re-think their understanding of workplace ethics and ethics training so that they can more easily create a culture that drives ethical practices.

  • Discern where best to place their attention and focus in a culture change and culture maintenance process that focuses on ethics, compliance, and accountability.

  • How best to harness their already-existing organizational infrastructure to create a culture that drives ethics, compliance, and accountability.

  • How to create a highly focused ethics training system that is both highly efficient and effective.


This program is appropriate for employees from middle management up through senior management, the C-Suite, and Boards of Directors. A version is also available for those at more of a front-line supervisory level.

"This was extremely informative and will help in my dealing with the public, personnel, and my governing board. Thanks!"

H.C. – attendee

Illinois Public Service Institute

More Testimonials

"100% of the feedback I've gotten on your program has been positive. Thank you for making it a great learning experience that was also fun!"

Steve Sheehan - Director of Staff Development

Mental Health Cooperative


"Your thoughtful presentation delivered just the right message to our audience."
James McCarthy - President & CEO
Snack Food Association


"From a meeting planner's perspective, Chris was a delight to work with!"
Kim Pendergraft - Affiliate Service Coordinator
Texas Municipal League


"Your program was fabulous! It was both very inspiring and motivational!"

J.R. – attendee

Intercontinental Hotels Group


"Your seminar was both useful and entertaining. It was a program that could have gone on for the entire day and would have still held the interest of the group!"
Scott Asher - Project Manager
CH2M Hill

"Don't let anyone tell you that a serious ethics program can't also be fun!"

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